Aba Therapy

What Is ABA Therapy?

Whether you've known that your child is on the autism spectrum for years, or they've recently been diagnosed, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy may be a good fit for your child and family. ABA services are individually designed to help children with autism thrive in a world where they may need to be taught differently or need extra support to learn and grow.


ABA therapy is an evidence-based treatment that promotes positive change. As the parent of a child with autism, it can be difficult to figure out which options are best. There are many anecdotal testimonials about treatments that promise significant change, but you may be disappointed after trying them. ABA therapy for children with autism has been proven to lead to meaningful change.


There are many areas that can be improved through the use of high-quality ABA services for children with autism, including communication, language, play, social skills, toileting, tolerance, school readiness, and academic skills, as well as reduction of challenging behaviours. If you decide to proceed with ABA therapy for your child, you will work with a team led by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to develop a treatment plan that meets your child's specific needs and your family's priority goals.


Sam I Am Autism Services provides ABA services for children with autism in Cobourg and surrounding areas in Northumberland County, Ontario. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, connect with Sam I Am Autism Services to learn more about how our ABA therapy program and other services can provide your child and family with the support they need.