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Feeding & sleep issues

It is common for children on the autism spectrum to have feeding or sleep issues. The links below include resources related to these two areas. It is recommended that you consult with a medical professional regarding feeding and sleep issues to rule out any underlying medical conditions, prior to using strategies based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).  

Improving Food Selectivity:  The Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) is an organization that aims to share information about effective treatment options for individuals on the autism spectrum. On their website, ASAT provides some tips on expanding what your child eats: Association for Science in Autism Treatment

Is My Child Just a Picky Eater or Is There an Issue - Video: The Institute For Behavioral Training offers a range of low-cost eLearning videos for families of individuals with autism.  This online training video provides a brief overview of feeding issues, and provides several strategies to help improve eating habits of picky eaters: Institute for Behavioral Training

Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You: Dr. Patrick Friman wrote this book to provide families with tips on how to improve sleep-related issues: Boys Town

The Bedtime Pass:  Another resource by Dr. Patrick Friman, this strategy that has been proven to be very effective at reducing children crying and leaving their room at bedtime: Boys Town

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