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FUNDING & other Support

A family trying to meet the unique needs of their child on the autism spectrum requires all the help they can get. The links below include a few of the financial supports and other forms of support to assist in this endeavour.

ONTARIO AUTISM PROGRAM: The Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services (MCCSS) provides funding and other support to families with children on the autism spectrum via the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).  Funding can be used for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy, parent training, technology, speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, and services and supports. Families must register with the program and wait for funding.  A range of supports and services are available as soon as a family is registered in the Ontario Autism Program.  For additional information, visit the website: Ontario Autism Program

Access OAP: If you are not currently registered for the Ontario Autism Program, as of October 2022, you can register via AccessOAP.  Visit the website for more information:

AUTISM ONTARIO:  This agency provides a range of services and supports for families of children with autism, including OAP Information Sessions, Family Supports, and webinars.  Families can apply for funding assistance for March Break and Summer Support. For additional information, visit their website: Autism Ontario

DISABILITY TAX CREDIT (DTC):  Families supporting an individual with a disability may be eligible for the disability tax credit through the Government of Canada. For additional information, visit their website:  Disability Tax Credit

CHILD DISABILITY BENEFIT:  Families eligible for the Disability Tax Credit and the Canada Child Benefit may also be eligible for the Child Disability Benefit through the Government of Canada. For additional information, visit their website:  Child Disability Benefit

ASSISTANCE FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS:  Caregivers supporting an individual with special needs may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services. For additional information, visit their website: Assistance for Children with Special Needs

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